responsive HTML5 login Page

Login forms are an integral part of any online venture be it an ecommerce site, membership site or an online forum. And HTML has been predominantly used to build login forms. Now, HTML forms have been around for a long time. But, HTML5 has revolutionized the way we design login forms. HTML5 introduced new input types & attributes which take login form design to the next level.

Furthermore, CSS3 has given the style quotient a whole new meaning. Login or registration form is pretty much the initiation step between you & your audience. So, it’s of utmost importance that you design a captivating login form to make a perfect first impression. HTML5 & CSS3 combo can help you achieve that with ease.

However, getting a hang of new technologies like HTML5 & CSS3 takes time. You can cut short this learning curve and get a head-start by using a HTML5 login form template designed by professionals. Here we look at some popular HTML5 login page templates that can be used as it is or can be further customized to suit your need.

Free html5 login form templates

Login/Registration form with Switch tab

HTML5 Switch Form

Smart login cum registration form based on HTML5 & CSS3. Just switch the tabs to navigate between login & registration forms. Also features an option to sign in using popular social networks.


Responsive HTML5 login page

 responsive HTML5 login Page

Need a fancy login page, check this one out. It’s colourful and retina ready. Makes use of google fonts. If you are looking for a fully responsive login template then this one is perfect.


Flat HTML5 login form free

Flat HTML5 loginForm

Are you a fan of flat UI design? Then you will love this flat login form. Form is pretty basic and is best suited for forum sites.

Download Free HTML5 Signup Form

HTML5 SignUp Form

Make use of the power of HTML5 element properties for form validation. HTML5 form validation is much better than traditional JavaScript as it eliminates the need for script code and works on all machines where JavaScript is disabled.

Animated Login Form template

Made using CSS3 animations. This one is a bit trendy and will suit blogs & membership sites. It’s not a pure HTML/CSS form but also involved some CoffeeScript code.

Sleek HTML5 login form

A sleek design login form based on pure HTML5/CSS3. If you are looking for a clean & professional design for your ecommerce store then this one will be a good starting point.

Facebook style login form

Are you a fan of Facebook design? Check this one out, it’s designed based on Facebook’s look n feel. You may either connect it with Facebook to enable users to login to Facebook or else you can just rebrand the template to your own portal login.

Material design login form template

material design login form

This login form is based on Google material design. In case you don’t know what material design is, it’s basically giving the end user a seamless unified user experience across all devices/platforms. More information can be found at google’s site here.


Transparent Login Form HTML5

Transparent Login Form

Want to keep the background visible while users login to your site? This form will serve the purpose.


Stylish HTML5 login form template free download

Stylized Login Form

Add a flair to your site login page with this stylish login form.


Flat login form with animated background


A unique login concept with animation in the background. This kind of design concept is rapidly gaining popularity with lot of reputed sites already experimenting with this login design.


Login form as dropdown menu

 DropDown Login Form

In case you have a single page site or if you want to avoid additional pages for login/registration then this particular form is a good choice.


Login form template with shake effect

Login template Shake Effect

This one makes use of JavaScript to add a shake effect if you enter invalid credentials.