Animated Glitch Photoshop-Action

In this video tutorial by SpoonGraphics, we learn how to create the distorted glitch effect that you see on old VHS tapes or video games.

The method involves a set of fine adjustments being applied to a photograph. There are different variations of the glitch effect that can be achieved by making minor adjustments but the core steps remain the same as outlined in the video.

Main characteristics of a glitch effect are:

  • Color fringing or inverted colors
  • Wavy lines or scan lines
  • Frozen frames

Now you may wonder why would anyone want to destroy a perfectly good image. Well, the truth is that although you never experience a glitch on modern DVD’s, Blu-ray discs or TV’s but the effect is still popular in advertisements. Whether it’s a digital or print media, glitch effect which replicates scan lines & color fringing is extensively used to add a retro effect.

For those who are relatively new to Photoshop or who don’t have much time, you can simply buy ready-made glitch effects made by professionals. You just need to replace the image and the effect will be applied instantly to any image. Some of these premium glitch effects are listed below:

Glitchaoo – Glitch Photo Effect


Animated Glitch – Photoshop

Animated Glitch Photoshop-Action
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