Smoke Effect action

Pure Photoshop actions are exceptional time-saving tools for any photography lover especially when there is need to edit and use same settings on multiple images and in quick succession.

There is so much that you can do with Photoshop actions including changing photos to black & white, retouching portraits, and significantly changing the appearance of a photo by making it dreamy, smooth, sharp or grungy.

Photoshop actions download and installation is easy, with this you only require push of a single button in order to apply multiple incredible settings thus turning an average image into a spectacular shot. As a result, pure Photoshop actions have come up in quick succession and you can find something that will definitely help manipulate your photo appearances at will.

With Photoshop actions, photographers and photo enthusiasts can realize their goal without blurring their images. The actions of Photoshop are mild, simple and very inspiring and due to their subtlety, it is possible to combine unlimited different ways, at various opacities, veiled or even applied twice. With so many different pure Photoshop actions, you can enjoy HDR, black & white from vintage effects. There are many Photoshop actions which you can download free and we have put together a number of the most fantastic actions for you. Here are some high-quality pure Photoshop actions:
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Photoshop Actions Free Download

Photoshop Creamy Actions Download


Get Photoshop actions free download and enjoy as you adjust your pictures the way you want. The actions will allow you to either remove any particular layer or set the dullness of each adjustment layer with ease. These free Photoshop actions are compatible with Photoshop CS versions ranging from CS2 to CS6 extended.



Photoshop soft pastel actions


These are free download actions that will make it easy and possible for you to enhance your photos, adding different opacity levels as it seems good to you. You can come up with multiple looks on your images by accessing the Photoshop actions free download using the link given below. Once you download, just install and apply the actions by clicking the play selection. Photoshop Soft Pastel Actions will help you save time and come up with immaculate images.



Free Fashion Photoshop actions


Find 10 Photoshop actions free download that will help you create amazing image effects on your photos with a fashion touch. The actions have some nice colours and cloudiness, and you can make some amazing enhancements to your picture for absolutely stunning results.



Download Long Shadow Photoshop Action

long_shadow photoshop action

This is flat design action which is pixel perfect and ideally suited for 1024 px icons.



Engraved Effect Photoshop Action Free Download

Engraved photoshop action

Photoshop action to create stunning engraved effects.



Perspective Mockup Photoshop Action

Perspective Action mockup

Cleverly designed actions that mocks up your photos & designs to a perspective.



Stereo Display Action for Photoshop

Stereo Display action



Copper Photoshop Actions for Photoshop CS2+




Photoshop Blossom Actions Free Download


This is a set of 11 beautifully designed actions.



Night Actions for Photoshop


Get a realistic night effect with these pure Photoshop night actions.



Vintage Photoshop Actions Download Free


Classic actions to add vintage look to your photos/designs.



Matte Pastels Actions Free

Matte Pastel photoshop action

Add dream-like colour effects to designs/photos using these actions.



Smoke Effects PhotoShop Actions

Smoke Effect action

Get a surreal smoke effect with these actions that will convert your photo into a piece of smoke art.