Download these simple & elegant matte Photoshop actions for adding subtle matte effect to your creatives.

Matte effect is very popular among creative professionals due to the unique feel it offers. While gloss effect is used to improve the glamour quotient of an art, matte effect adds subtlety to the art. Matte effect has a wider area of application and is commonly used in professional photography, vintage photography, fashion photography and even wedding photography.

In this post, we look at some of the best free matte Photoshop actions. The collection includes a variety of matte actions for Photoshop like Vintage matte, faded color matte, Glow Matte, Dreamy matte and so on.

These matte actions are easy to edit and can be adjusted to fit your image size. You can always create your own matte effect in Photoshop as outlined at the bottom of this post. However, if you are short on time or new to Photoshop then these actions will give you jump-start.

Free Photoshop Matte Actions

Warm Matte Action Free

A warm matte action for landscape, nature & portrait photography.

Warm Matte Action



Free Washed Matte Action for Photoshop

As the name suggests, this action gives an impression as if we have washed out shades from the original photo. Best suited for portraits and landscape photography.




6 Free Matte Actions Download

This is set of 6 quality matte actions ideally suited for fashion photography. If you need a professional matte effect without spending a dime then this set is a good option.




Dreamy Matte Action for Photoshop

A spectacular action for creating a dreamy look. Suitable for vintage, fashion and/or portrait photography.

Dreamy Matte action



4 Photoshop Matte Actions

A collection of 4 distinct matte actions. Vivid matte action gives a light matte effect to the picture and is best suited for professional photography. Sheer Blue action adds a medium matte effect. Ultra matte action is best suited when you want a heavy matte effect. Ultra matte action has two variations, one for black & white and other for faded colour.

4 matte_photoshop_actions



Free Autumn Matte Action

Perfect action for adding a classic autumn look to your photographs.




Glow Matte Action for Photoshop

This action lightens the shade thus creating a glow matte effect.

Glow Matte action



Free Faded Color Matte Action

A nice matte action for adding faded color effect. You may further adjust the brightness & contrast settings to your liking.

Faded Colour Matte Effect



10 Matte Actions Pack Free Download

A beautiful collection of 10 matte actions for your use.

10 Matte Actions



If you prefer to create your own matte effect, the just follow the steps described in this video: