Some great establishments are expanding further in the digital age — places like galleries & museums continue to scan high-quality paintings and pictures for distribution. Organizations like NASA put vintage photographs and video on line for all to gain access to.


Joining this exclusive club, the College of Art and Design at Minneapolis has decided to showcase it’s “Art of the Poster” collection. The posters in this collections belong to the Golden era of graphic design (late 1800’s – early 1900’s) and placed it up on the net for everybody’s use.



The massive collection of 200 printed works emphasize the use of lithography in art. During the lates 1800’s, many renowned artists like Jules Chéret and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec popularized the lithographic art form. , which attained general public prominence as a result of brand new ways of production.”


Into the late 19th century, lithographers invented a new method in their printing process. They began using mass-produced zinc dishes instead of stones. This development permitted all of them to get ready numerous dishes, each with yet another color ink, and to print these with close enrollment on a single sheet of report. Posters in a selection of colors and selection of sizes could now be produced rapidly, at modest cost.

During the time, a majority of these masterpieces were really commercial in general, built to advertise items, shops and restaurants. Today, they usually have made their particular means into the archives of art history, helping to bridge the space between popular culture together with closed-door art realm of museum exhibits.

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