Images bynineteeneightyeight.com

Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo, two renowned graphic artists have put up an art exhibit called “Alphabitz”consisting of 52 masterpieces.

Each piece portrays a letter of the alphabet with a pop culture twist. Guessing the scenario depicted in each art work is part of the fun.

The show opened to public at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, CA last Friday, August 18 and will remain live till 9th September. The artists have beautifully handled every letter of the alphabet. There is a unique story attached to every letter ranging from random events to hilarious moments.

In this post, you will see few of these masterpieces from the show, go ahead and try to figure out the artwork.


Did you guess this one? It’s Leeloo driving her Lincoln in Las Vegas.


This should be an easy guess. It’s Mr.T training a triceratops near some tents.

As you can see the artworks are really innovative in the way they are designed. Art lovers from all age groups are bound to get engaged in these art works.

Here are some more.


That’s the karate kid kicking good old Kool-Aid guy.


That’s Admiral Ackbar trying his hands on an Accordion with an Antelope in the background.


That’s too easy, Pokemon playing poker with friends.

Last one on the list is:


Mr. Dracula driving Miss Daisy in a Dodge.

If you like the above art pieces then feel free to visit the exhibit at Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA. If you live outside US, you can also check out the complete online versions at nineteeneightyeight.com.