Weather Icon Set

Weather Icons are one of the most commonly used icons, be it on web pages or apps. Weather apps are the most downloaded apps on Google Play and iTunes.

Apart from these Weather apps, there are countless meteorology related web pages and they all need Weather Icons. In case you have noticed, the Weather report in daily news is always saved for the last and it’s presented on an animated screen by the Weather reporter. The main idea behind it is to convey the message boldly & quickly via the animated Weather Icons. Same goes for web pages & apps that are related to meteorology or have a Weather component.

Now there are plenty of free Weather Icons on web but very few of them are animated. In this post, we bring to you some amazing animated Weather Icons for your projects that are free to use.

Free Animated Weather Icons

Sunny Animated Icon Free Download

Icon for sunny weather forecast.


Animated Raining Icon

Stunning icon for indicating Rain.


Snowy Forecast Icon

This is a light Weather icon designed by PresenterMedia for Snowy forecast.


Thunderstorm to Partly Cloudy Icon

Animated Weather Icon to indicating thunderstorm to partly cloudy Weather.


Weather animation on a Watch

This one’s a little different in that it’s designed on Wrist watch as background and makes use of adobe after effects.

Weather animation on Watch

Winter Icons Download

Icons depicting the typical Weather during winter season.


Tornado Icon Free Download

Cool Icon warning of a Tornado.

Tornado icon

Rainbow in the sky Icon Download

Beautiful GIF icon for a rainbow.

Rainbow icon

Weather Icon Set Download

Set of nicely designed Weather Icons.

Weather Icon Set

Animated Sun Icon Free Download

An Icon to indicate either a hot & sunny Weather forecast or just to depict the sun.

Animated Sun

Windy Weather Icon

Icon depicting Windy weather.

Windy weather icon

Mercury Rising Icon

Nice icon showing the mercury rising as the day progresses.

Mercury Rising icon