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Case Study: Should You Choose Clean Layout?


A recent study conducted by EyeQuant reveals that Clean design layout offers much better visual experience. (more…)

This Chrome Extension Will Transform You Into A Web Design Wizard

WhatRuns Extension

As web designers, we always look for inspiration while creating new designs. (more…)

8 Crazy Slider Design Ideas to Inspire You


Ever since sliders were introduced to web design world, they have revolutionized the way of presenting featured products/items. (more…)

HTML5 login form templates – Free download

responsive HTML5 login Page

Login forms are an integral part of any online venture be it an ecommerce site, membership site or an online forum. And HTML has been predominantly used to build login forms. Now, HTML forms have been around for a long time. But, HTML5 has revolutionized the way we design login forms. HTML5 introduced new input types & attributes which take login form design to the next level. (more…)